Valid: 2012. September 17. to 2012. December 31.

All the youth athletes of our team gained nice place on the School Archery Championship which was held on Saturday. Dénes Harkai stood on the top of the podium, Tamás Kamasz reached the second place, while Dénes Juhász could stand on the thrid place in teenager compound division. Zoltán Meszlényi finished on the second place in the bowhunting class on his first competition.

Valid: 2012. September 11. to 2012. December 31.

The final Central European Cup (CEC) target archery competition was held on Saturday in Budapest, Hungary. Árpád Banda, the athlete of the UTC-ÍSE archery club in the recurve cadet man division was third after the first and second after the second part of the qualification round. In the first elemination round Árpád won over a Hungarian athlet with 6-0 scores. For second round he got a confident Slovenien archer, and they played a close game. (0-2, 1-3, 3-3, 3-5, 5-5) After the draw match Árpád shot closer to the centre of target with 3 mm in the shoot off, such he won. Árpád in the gold medal match played with his rival, Strajhar Gasper. Árpád won confidently for 6-2 and reached the gold medal, and won the all tournament organized in five countries. István Nyári finished on the second place in the historical adult division. Dénes Harkai gained the seventh place in compound teenager division.

On the national target Grand Prix tournament Dénes Harkai in compund and István Nyári in historical division won the gold medal.

Valid: 2012. August 27. to 2012. September 16.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Archery show will be held in the frame of family day in Szeged city, in the Béketelep district on 15th September.

The archery show will be kept from a.m. 11:00 to p.m. 3:00

Valid: 2012. August 27. to 2012. December 31.

The Outdoor Individual National Target Championship was organized last Saturday in Budapest for 2012.

In summary,
1st place, GOLD medal: Árpád Banda and Dénes Harkai
2nd place, SILVER medal: Dénes Juhász
3rd place, BRONZE medal: Gábor Juhász and István Nyári

Congratulation for the team, and for theirs coach!

Valid: 2012. June 25. to 2012. December 31.
Csigás Serdülő Fiú 719
Hely   Név Egyesület össz.eredmény I.táv II.táv országos Legjobb eredmény
2. Harkai Dénes UTC-ISE ISZ 1387 346 347 693 694
4. Kamasz Tamás Ákos UTC-ISE ISZ 1317 339 334 673 644
5. Juhász Dénes UTC-ISE ISZ 1311 324 333 657 654
Valid: 2012. June 20. to 2012. December 31.


The member of our archery club Árpád Banda, has got a honorific and also a cocked, laudative letter from the Vice-president of the Hungarian Parliament, Dr. István Ujhelyi.

Letter is published here with the permission of the addressee.

The text of the letter:

"Dear Árpád,

It is a high honor for me to express my appreciation in the occasion of the "Athlete of Szeged City" remuneration for You.

Hereby I congratulate for Your successes, for Your present accolade, I wish further successes and health.

An enthusiastic sports-minded,

Dr. István Ujhelyi"

Valid: 2012. June 04. to 2012. December 31.

Új HonlapI ask every old member, who can not use his/her username and password used on the old webpage to create a new username and password. You can do it with the button "Belépés"/"Create new account" in the right up corner of the webpage.

Valid: 2012. May 24. to 2012. December 31.

MOL Tehetségtámogató ProgramTwo of our athletes tendered succesfully on the "MOL Tehetségtámogató Program" in 2012. Elizabet Szőke, and Árpád Banda won on the tender. Congratulation for them!

Valid: 2012. May 22. to 2012. June 10.

We invite you on our exhibition in Szeged-Tápé in the frame of the village days programs from 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. on 09 - 06 - 2012.

Valid: 2012. April 12. to 2012. December 31.

Szőke Elizabet" Dear Elizabet!

I would like to congratulate in this way for Your outstanding success in Estonia. We are glad that You evidenced the excellent quality of the Hungarian archery far from Hungary, in a country which sympathizes with us and inhabited by our language relatives. For my biggest regret I could not be the eyewitness of the competition, because I was just in Hungary in the time of the competition. If you travel to Estonia in the future - whether to sport event or on private jurney - do not hesitate to call us, please, we help You with pleasure if necessary. (In the case of Your archery organization would make contact with an Estonian club, we contribute in that willingly.) I wish further great successes for the future for You!

Sincerely, Erik Haupt ambassador"

This honorific letter was published by the permit of the Addressee.