Letter from the Ambassador of the Hungarian Republic - Tallinn, Estonia

Szőke Elizabet" Dear Elizabet!

I would like to congratulate in this way for Your outstanding success in Estonia. We are glad that You evidenced the excellent quality of the Hungarian archery far from Hungary, in a country which sympathizes with us and inhabited by our language relatives. For my biggest regret I could not be the eyewitness of the competition, because I was just in Hungary in the time of the competition. If you travel to Estonia in the future - whether to sport event or on private jurney - do not hesitate to call us, please, we help You with pleasure if necessary. (In the case of Your archery organization would make contact with an Estonian club, we contribute in that willingly.) I wish further great successes for the future for You!

Sincerely, Erik Haupt ambassador"

This honorific letter was published by the permit of the Addressee.


2012. April 12. to 2012. December 31.